La Fee Parisienne - 68%

La Fée Absinthe Parisienne is distilled in Paris based on a 19th Century recipe containing wormwood and is the only absinthe authenticated by Marie-Claude Delahaye, founder and curator of the absinthe museum.

La Fee's botanicals contain all of the traditional components of a fine absinthe: wormwood, green anise, star anise, hyssop, and fennel. Careful maceration distillation ensures abundant aromas, flavors, and an attractive louche.

Every batch of La Fee Absinthe is personally approved by renowned absinthe expert Marie-Claude Delahaye


Jade Nouvelle Orleans Absinthe Verte - 68%

As the popularity of absinthe swept through France during the mid 19th century, the "Green Fairy" began making her way over to the "Paris" of the New World, Nouvelle-Orléans (New Orleans).

French-speaking travelers and immigrants alike carried their passion for absinthe with them to this vibrant port city, and by the advent of the 20th century, cafés like the famous Old Absinthe House were making a name for themselves.

Jade Nouvelle-Orléans - with its unique perfume, light, refreshing mouth-feel and delectable floral finish.


La Fee Absinthe Blanche - 53%

La Fee classic Blanche (clear) absinthe, displays a more pronounced fennel character, with less anis. No sugar is required for the traditional serve, as Blanche has a naturally softer, sweeter character.

La Fee Blanche and Parisienne are endorsed by The French Absinthe Museum. Each distillation is personally tested and approved by Marie-Claude Delahaye - world renowned Absinthe expert and historian.

A style historically associated with bootleg Absinthe, following the bans; as a clear spirit was harder to identify.


La Fee Absinth Bohemian - 70%

La Fée Absinth Bohemian is a modern Bohemian-style absinth, capturing the essence of the Velvet Revolution of 1989. It is especially suited for use in cocktails due to its low anise content.

La Fée Absinth Bohemian has a vibrant bright green colour and an electric blue rim. It is highly aromatic with plenty of eucalyptus and mint flavours on the nose.

Its palate reveals an absinth which oozes character and personality.


Hapsburg Black Amere - 79%

A very strong black absinthe from the popular Hapsburg stable.

Black Amere contains the maximum amount of thujone permitted in alcoholic beverages by EU law - 35mg/kg.

This is recommended to be drunk mixed with fruit juice, but still works with water in the traditional way.



Hapsburg Premium Reserve Absinthe / Gold Label - 89.9%

The strongest absinthe on the UK market.

Serve well diluted for your own safety and keep well away from naked flames. The term premium reserve refers to the high strength



Hapsburg 69 - 69%

Winner of a Platinum medal and ranked in First Place by the prestigious Beverage Tasting Institue in Chicago, with a whopping 97 points.

Ruby red to copper colour with chestnut, honey, morello cherry on the nose with subtle hints of smoky wood and dried tarragon.

It has a sweet palate with a rich mouth feel. A huge, impressive and showy rum.


Pernod Absinthe 68%

In 1805, Henri-Louis Pernod founded the first absinthe distillery.

Pernod absinthe, made from a great variety of plants, including the famous wormwood (artemesia absinthium) became the source of inspiration to many and enjoyed popularity both in France and throughout 19th century Europe.

Inspired by the original recipe, Pernod with absinthe plant extacts is produced in compliance with current legislation. You can enjoy it in the traditional way, by adding water poured onto a sugar lump, or simply diluted with iced water.






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